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Spend 5 minutes on this calculator to gain a better understanding of the time, resources and money your company can save by using our cognitive search and data analytics platform.

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The results will include:

  • The increased efficiency and cost savings by using Watson Explorer to harness structured and unstructured data.
  • Potential insights to help you improve your current search and analytics capabilities.
  • Industry data and case studies on how your competitors are already solving their biggest challenges.

Extract insights from unstructured data to drive performance

Watson Explorer is a cognitive search and analytics platform that helps companies connect and analyze all their information to improve decision-making and business outcomes. Employees across teams can access relevant insights to make truly informed decisions and be more customer-centric. Watson Explorer, Forrester Research’s "Big Data Text Analytics Platforms Report" leader for 2016, provides a 360-degree view of your business and your customers, across data sources and silos.

Advanced content analytics enable you to understand not just what happened, but also how and why.
Natural language processing capability allows even non-technical employees to find answers easily.
Exceptional threat and risk detection combines deep security expertise with analytical insights on a massive scale.
Continuously learns with experience, just like humans do, helping you scale expertise across teams.
Combine with other Watson APIs 
to create supercharged cognitive apps and solutions that give your company a competitive edge.
Driving results in multiple industries including Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Insurance, Telecom, Government and Healthcare.

Watson Explorer Value Calculator

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Did You know?

This calculator is provided for informational purposes only. IBM does not guarantee that any particular savings will result from the deployment of any particular product because every customer is different and licensing and pricing policies can, and do, periodically change. IBM is not responsible for any damages arising out of the use of, or otherwise related to, this information.

Here are some of the ways in which Watson Explorer can add real value to your bottom line:

Annual Time Saved
XX hrs
The average number of hours your current knowledge workers could be saving per year by utilizing Watson Explorer.*

Annual Cost Saved
Average potential annual savings for your company from using Watson Explorer for real-time data search and analysis.*

These results don't include additional savings from increased workforce efficiency by providing employees with real-time data access.

Challenge Solved

Estimated growth of data in Industry:

00 %
data growth anticipated 
in the next two years

00 %
of this data 
will be unstructured

Six Things You Should Know About Data Optimization With Watson

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1. Integration of Disparate Data Sources

Since few important issues can be addressed with information from a single system, Watson Explorer securely unifies data from multiple silos as well as external sources and delivers it to users at a single access point.

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2. Extract Value from ALL Your Data:

Don’t allow your unstructured data to be a wasted resource. Watson extracts insights from unstructured information using a variety of analytic tools combined with natural language processing to help answer the often illusive why and how.

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3. 360-Degree View Customizable Dashboard

Accessing different systems for a complete picture of all information and data is inefficient and costly. Watson combines content and data from many different systems throughout the enterprise into a single, customizable 360-degree view.

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4. Real-Time Analysis

Watson has the ability to integrate and analyze data in real-time, giving your organization the speed and insight to respond to your customers’ needs.

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5. Cognitive learning

Data projects started from scratch are a waste of valuable resources and information. Watson continuously observes and learns from your data environment, enabling you to build on past processes as well as harness new insights.

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6. Connectivity and Security

Systems security is not optional. Watson provides built-in security at every document level in the form of access control, meaning that users can only obtain information they are permitted to see.

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* These calculations are simplified calculations and do not take into account the Present Value of future amounts. No results presented are meant to be a guarantee by IBM of results.